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Psychotherapy and ecotherapy services

Roxanne Cote
Social worker and psychotherapist

Social worker and psychotherapist for more than 10 years, I devote my professional life to my private practice and training. It is with gentleness, compassion, joy and respect that I accompany people in their personal journey. I am mainly inspired by 4 therapeutic approaches, according to the needs and interests of the people I meet.

Here is a brief overview of these approaches. There is the humanist existential approach which promotes better self-knowledge and the realization of important insights so that the person can make decisions and adopt behaviors allowing them to develop their full potential and to actualize themself. Secondly, the approach of  cognitive behavioral therapy based on mindfulness which invites the person to be more aware of what they are experiencing both in their body and in their thoughts in order to resolve the impasses they are experiencing and integrate lasting changes in thought patterns. The systemic approach allows me to support people by considering their social relationships and their environment as a whole. Finally, there is the approach of ecotherapy which is a therapeutic approach that uses contact with nature to help the person feel better. As I sometimes leave the office to work in the forest (urban nature), I also maintain an up-to-date First Aid certification. If you have any questions regarding these approaches, please let me know.

My professional services take place in my office in Sherbrooke or directly on the trail, depending on people's needs and interests. The receipts that I issue are recognized by the insurance companies that cover psychotherapy and/or social work services.

To undertake a psychotherapy follow-up with me, I invite you to write to me or call me using the contact details below. 

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