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Feuilles d'or


What is this?



Wild Wandering is a set of 51 cards that offer new ideas for interacting with nature, being part of it and deepening this essential connection between oneself and the Earth.

This card game, with the flavors of a forest bath, allows people of all ages to marvel, rediscover nature and develop a unique relationship with.


Wild Wandering is also a tool which allows people to continue their personal development process on their own, between our meetings or at the end of a therapeutic follow-up. 

I designed this project in partnership with Lissa Kennedy, founder of Wild Wood Forest School and Wasatch Forest Therapy. The watercolor works have been painted by hand and the invitations found therein have been carefully crafted to offer you pleasant sensory experiences and opportunities to discover.


To get Wild Wandering, contact me by email. Lete me know the quantity you want and your postal address. Available in French or English.

$30 per package plus shipping

Order by writing to me in the Contact section below

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