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 forest bathing

forest therapy  -  shinrin-yoku

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What is a forest bath?


Shinrin-yoku, forest bathing, forest therapy, mindfulness in the forest... there are so many new terms that seem to designate activities in nature that provide health benefits. The nuances stand out above all in the approach of the guide. I describe here what you can expect if you take the trail with me.


At the crossroads between attentive presence and walking in the forest, shinrin-yoku is a Japanese practice that invites you to slow down and relax while rediscovering nature through the pleasure of the senses. It is also a practice recognized by the medical world for its health benefits.

These activities can be a good complement to psychotherapy or to your personal development journey. They are often considered as preventive tools in the management of stress, anxiety and depression. They aim to increase the autonomy of participants in taking charge of their well-being or their therapeutic process.


Concretely, a forest bath takes place on a forest path. It is a slow walk punctuated with opportunities to settle down in the pleasure of rediscovering nature through different guided invitations. The trails used are chosen according to the mobility of the participants in order to promote access to as many people as possible.

The term invitation is used here to refer to a guided mindfulness activity. These are generally suggestions that lead participants to experience the forest environment by paying attention to how this environment interacts with one or more senses (smell, hearing, touch, taste, etc.). An invitation can also appeal to people's imagination or creativity.


A forest bath can take between 1 and 3 hours depending on the season, temperature, group size, needs, etc. These forest outings end with a light snack.

Why choose to be guided?

Coffre cassé

I love guiding and I practice shinrin-yoku by myself regularly. Nevertheless, I appreciate every opportunity given to me to be guided, here is why...

The guide encourages me to take the time to observe what is happening around me and in me. He establishes  a rhythm that helps me to slow down and to drop me in the exploration of the senses and places. 

Femme seule dans la forêt
Les gouttelettes d'eau

When I am guided, it gives me the opportunity to disconnect a little more, I let myself be surprised by the invitations and as the guide is  also a timekeeper, I can savor the present moment with peace of mind.

The forest bath ends with an infusion made from a wild plant picked with respect for nature. It is quite tasty to safely discover the forest from this angle. And although I am trained to prepare these infusions, I confess that I love to taste that of others.

Jetons d'automne

Guided forest baths allow everyone to have an individual experience in silence. These moments are punctuated with opportunities to share if that is the wish of the participants. The guide then ensures an attentive and judgement free ear so that these short periods of sharing be held in a safe and reespectful way

Science agrees:

nature is good for you

Effect of phytoncides from trees on human natural killer cells function
Connect with nature to reduce stress
Interacting with nature improves cognition and affect for individuals with depression
Radio Canada: Interview about shinrin-yoku
Accurate effects of walking in forest environments on cardiovascular and metabolic parameters.
Nature therapy and preventative medicine
Nature therapy and preventive medicine
Les enfants en contact avec la nature sont moins anxieux, moins hyperactifs et développent l'empathie.
Les enfants en contact avec la nature sont moins anxieux, moins hyperactifs et développent l'empathie.
Psychological effects of forest environments on healthy adults: Shinrin-yoku as a possible method of stress reduction

The health benefits

Reduce stress

Decrease depressive thoughts and mood

Increase memory and concentration

Restore vigor and vitality

Stimulate creativity

Boost the immune system

Improve sleep

Speed up recovery from surgery Lower blood pressure

Lower blood sugar levels

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